What is the process to post a bond?

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Usually, when a person is arrested there is a monetary bond associated with each charge which must be paid before the arrested person can be  released from jail. If you are able to pay the full bond, normally referred to as a cash bond, (for instance, if the bond is $1000.00 and you can pay $1000.00),  the money is paid directly to the jail and the arrested person will be released. Once the case is resolved in the court system, the money will be applied to any court ordered fines and costs.  If the case is dropped or there is money left over after the fines and costs are paid, it will be refunded to the person who posted the cash bond. If you cannot afford to post the cash (full) bond, you will need to contact a bail bond agency. Most of these agencies require 10 % of the bond ($100.00 in the case of the $1000.00) and some charge additional service fees. In some situations, the bail bond agency may also require you to put up collateral to guarantee the full bond amount.

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