What can be done on a case where there is “NO BOND”?

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In certain circumstances, a person is arrested and is held on a “NO BOND”. For instance, if you are arrested for Domestic Battery, you will be held on a “No Bond” until First Appearance. At First Appearance, the Court may set a bond in your case which will allow you to bond out of jail. The Court will probably add special conditions of the bond such  as not being allowed to have contact with the alleged victim in the case. If you are arrested on a Violation of Probation, you are not entitled to a bond and in most cases, you will be held on  a “NO BOND” status until your case is resolved. If you are being held on “NO BOND” or your financial situation makes it impossible to pay the set bond amount, you should consult with  one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys to explore your options, which might include setting a special hearing to resolve the bond issue.

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