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That sinking feeling that occurs when you are driving down a road, minding your own business and suddenly, there it is, the flash of those blue lights as the police officer swings around and pull in behind you. Some drivers are lucky, and receive a “warning”, however most are not. Contacting an experienced Ocala traffic defense attorney should be your next step. Carrie Proctor had defended all types of traffic offenses in Ocala and the surrounding area for over 17 years. She can help you determine whether your traffic ticket is to be considered civil or criminal and what that could mean to you.

Civil traffic tickets generally result in penalties which include fines, points on your driving record and higher insurance premiums. Criminal tickets can result in court ordered sanctions including the suspension of your license and/or jail time. With a civil ticket, there is a thirty day window to choose one of three options. Option one is to pay the ticket. There may be serious consequences to doing so which is why you should contact an experienced Ocala traffic defense attorney. The second option may be to elect to take a driver improvement course, which may still require the payment of fines but not result in points on your driving record. The third option is to ask for a hearing in court to fight the ticket or lessen the penalties. Contact Carrie Proctor today to discuss which of these options would be the right choice for you.

Criminal tickets are a bit more complicated. In fact, some criminal tickets are considered to be “arrests” and should be reviewed by an experienced Ocala traffic defense attorney. Some examples of criminal traffic offenses are reckless driving, driving with a suspended driver’s license, or no valid driver’s license and DUI. These traffic offenses all require an appearance in a courtroom in front of a criminal court judge. These appearances should be handled by an experienced Ocala criminal traffic defense attorney. Contact Ms. Proctor today to review your traffic ticket and how your situation should be handled.




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