Violation of Probation

Most criminal prosecutions result in the accused being placed on probation. Probation requires compliance with standard as well as special conditions that are ordered by the court. Standard  conditions of probation usually include maintaining steady employment, reporting monthly to the probation office, and the payment of fines and court costs. Special conditions of probation may include but are not limited to the completion of classes, drug /alcohol screens, and the payment of restitution. Failure to comply with conditions of probation result in a violation of probation.

In Marion County, there is a “zero tolerance” policy on violations of probation.  If there is a violation, the probation officer will submit an affidavit of violation of probation and send it to the judge who originally imposed the sentence. The Judge will than issue an arrest warrant and will most likely require a “no bond” status and a person accused of violating probation must remain in custody until the case is resolved.  An experienced defense attorney can explore any defenses that may exist on a violation of probation case, help prepare any mitigation for the court and expedite the handling of these matters.