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An injunction also known as a restraining order is a court order that prohibits one party from taking certain action in order to protect the second party from harm. There are four (4) types of civil injunctions:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Dating
  • Repeat Violence

Domestic injunctions are petitioned against a party that either presently or in the past lived as family with the filing party.

What is an injunction?

What is an injunction?

A: An injunction is a court order signed by a circuit court judge prohibiting contact. They’re also known as restraining orders. Generally speaking, if you’re served with an injunction, you’re prohibited from having direct or indirect contact with the person whose requested the court order.

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What is an injunction?

I was served with an injunction. What should I do?

A: If you were served with an injunction, it was in all likelihood a temporary injunction. It’s really important for you to contact an attorney who can help you prepare for the hearing that will be set, to ensure that a permanent injunction is not entered against you.

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What is an injunction?

Is an injunction the same as a no contact order?

A: They are not the same. No contact orders are generally entered into as a condition of a pending criminal charge. A no contact order usually expires whenever the criminal case is closed. An injunction on the other hand, is an order that’s entered into by a civil court judge, that may extend indefinitely or for a longer period of time.

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What is an injunction?

Do I need a lawyer for an injunction hearing?

A: It’s not legally required that you have an attorney at an injunction hearing. However, if you consult with an attorney before the injunction hearing, that attorney will be able to go over the facts and circumstances that are alleged that led to the issuance of the temporary injunction and will help you prepare and present testimony and evidence for the court to consider so that a permanent injunction is not issued.

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